4 Shades of Leap

4 Shades of Leap

4 Episodes

Mature |
Cast : Debopriya Chakraborty, Sukanya Sen, Arka Bhattacharjee, Riddhiman Kha, Asis Pathak, Deboshmita Chakraborty, Goutam Chakraborti, Sreejani Mukherjee, Pradip Maity.
The mini-series consists of four episodes of five minutes duration each. The stories are based on real Horror incidents.

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4 Shades of Leap
  • Laxmi

    Episode 1

    Laxmi was a little girl when she died and from then on her mother went to the park, and sees other parents and cries, but one day she got a response from Laxmi as she started playing with a ball but the big surprise was still left for her mom.

  • The Doomed Destination

    Episode 2

    The Doom Destination is about Raj and Pulok who leaves from office at 11.30 pm. The streets are empty due to the cold. Raj jokes and says that Kolkata is looking like Darjeeling. A car goes by and Pulok rushes to stop it and asks for a lift to Ballygaunge

  • Best Evil Christmas

    Episode 3

    Best Evil Christmas is about Mery who is sad as Lina is going to her home for the Christmas holidays. Lina asks Mery to come with her to her home. Mery does not listen to it. Evil makes its appearance in Mery’s room. What happens next?

  • Muri Ghonto

    Episode 4

    Muri Ghonto is about Mamon who on her way to the market is informed by her father that the Muri Ghonto that she cooked the other day was delicious. She buys the fish and comes back home. However when she goes back home and enters the kitchen, she shouts.