Chup Chap Charlie

Chup Chap Charlie

6 Episodes

Starring; Nigel Akkara, Iqbal Sultan, Arup Zaigider, Sanjukta Roy Chowdhury, Amritendu Kaur, Beas Basu, Shukprit Singh, Sharbani Mondal, Kaushik Sinha.

The Police administration is searching for Charlie. Is he dead or alive? No one knows. But there is someone who claims to be Charlie, and we need to find the story between the lines.

Chup Chap Charlie
  • Teesra Kaun

    Episode 1

    Glimpses from the past keep rekindling the agony of the un-forgetful fate. Meanwhile, the cops are desperately trying to re-arrest the dreaded fugitive “Charlie Wunn,” who escaped the gallows and is assumed to be living with a pseudonym.

  • Deja Vu

    Episode 2

    Mohini Singh is missing, and Sunny Singh is also walking through the same lanes of Deja Vu. Aditya Roy claims to be the house owner, but Sunny claims he has been here before, and the Bungalow belongs to his friend Rohit Sharma.

  • Forensic

    Episode 3

    Dr. Chaddha reveals the secret behind the chemicals sent for Forensic tests. The substances have a strange link with the ancient Egyptian methods of mummification of dead bodies and some modern techniques of dead body preservation

  • Khoon Se Khelenge.

    Episode 4

    Payel Sinha has been challenged by the dreaded fugitive. Champa, the maidservant at the residence of Aditya Roy, is in desperate need of money, but Aditya refuses to lend as she has not cleared her previous dues.

  • Demon Of God

    Episode 5

    The blind and wheelchair-bound Aditya will not let Champa fulfill her desire. He puts up a fight. Officer Ashok discovered the details of the Wunn family from the parish priest of Sacred Heart Church.

  • Akhri Rasta

    Episode 6

    The robbery attempt has been foiled. Many secrets are unfolded. Among Bernard and James, one of them plans to surrender to complete their mission of eradicating Genetics, the company that finished their family.