Eena Meena Deeka

Eena Meena Deeka

117 Episodes

Starring: Eena, Meena, Deeka.
This volume contains all ten seasons of the hit television series featuring three chicks and a fox and will provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Eena Meena Deeka
  • Zoo
    Episode 1


    Episode 1

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka visit a zoo where they encounter the ever-hungry Bhukkad. A chase begins, which takes place throughout various parts of the zoo, during which Bhukkad encounters a lion, rhino, elephant, and other various animals.

  • Bhaag Bhukkad Bhaag

    Episode 2

    Bhukkad finds out ways to catch the three cute chickens. One fine day he uses a magic searchlight that creates a day-like feel, and voila, he catches Eena, Meena, and Deeka. He drags them to his den... what will happen now?"

  • Meena's Birthday

    Episode 3

    It’s Meena’s birthday, and both Eena and Deeka amaze her with loads of gifts. Bhukkad follows Eena, Meena, and Deeka everywhere they go in order to spoil their party and feast on them, but every time he fails.

  • Plane Chase

    Episode 4

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka go for a joyride using their private plane. Meanwhile, Bhukkad with his evil thoughts of feasting on them enters the plane, hoping to have a grand feast in mid-air.

  • Bachha Bhukkad

    Episode 5

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are playing ball when they disturb BBs’ peace, and when he comes to catch them, he gets hit and loses his memory. He forgets he wants to eat them. He becomes a big baby. Eena, Meena, and Deeka try and help him recover his memory.

  • Construction Site

    Episode 6

    Eena, Meena, Deeka are renovating their house. While passing by, Bhukkad gets hurt on his head by a plank. The chase begins as Bhukkad is angry and hungry. Eena uses his gadgets smartly to defend them."

  • Catch Us If You Can

    Episode 7

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are enjoying themselves at their farmhouse. As usual, Bhukkad comes to eat them. The three keep on saving themselves by attacking Bhukkad. They trap Bhukkad and blow him away into the sky... but how did they do that?

  • Tennis

    Episode 8

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka play tennis when Bhukkad comes to spoil their game. He tries many tricks like putting a grenade inside a tennis ball, turning himself into a wasp, attacking them with a tennis ball, and much more to catch Eena, Meena, and Deeka.

  • Meena Kidnap

    Episode 9

    Bhukkad sets a trap for Eena, Meena, and Deeka but they escape, accidentally leaving Meena behind. Bhukkad puts Meena in a cage. To save Meena is now Deeka and Eena's mission.

  • Gym
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Bhukkad and Eena, Meena, and Deeka are working out at a gym. Eena, Meena, and Deeka spot Bhukkad and play a prank on him by increasing the weight of his barbell. Bhukkad spots their mischievous acts and starts chasing them.

  • Football

    Episode 11

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are playing football. Bhukkad lays a trap in the goal post to catch them. They start playing a match and Bhukkad cheats by using magic gloves and socks to win. Eena, Meena, and Deeka figure this out and put Bhukkad in his own trap.

  • Under Sea

    Episode 12

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are going for an underwater tour in their submarine. Bhukkad wears a scuba suit and follows them. He tries to trap them in an oyster shell but fails, then he launches a missile on them and still fails."

  • Chhotamatic

    Episode 13

    Eena creates a shrinking machine that can make anyone smaller. In a big blunder, Bhukkad takes the machine and accidentally turns them all small!"

  • Super Villain

    Episode 14

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are outside traveling in their car. Bhukkad tries to catch them, but he gets distracted by a poster offering superhero powers! Will his new evil powers be enough to finally capture Eena, Meena, and Deeka?"

  • Camping

    Episode 15

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are on a camping trip while Bhukkad searches for a tasty meal. Eena uses his gadgets to smartly tackle Bhukkad just in time."

  • Circus
    Episode 16


    Episode 16

    ena, Meena, and Deeka land in a circus where they run into a familiar villain! Bhukkad chases them inside the circus compound through the Well of Death, stilts, and other parts of the circus. Will Eena, Meena, and Deeka again come out victorious?"

  • Amusement Park

    Episode 17

    Eena builds an amusement park for his brother and sister to have some fun. They enjoy the various rides and games while Bhukkad tries his best to chase them."

  • Stadium

    Episode 18

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are having a great time inside a stadium. Bhukkad is up to his usual antics as he tries to capture Eena, Meena, and Deeka through various traps."

  • Desert
    Episode 19


    Episode 19

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka set out for the desert to get a taste of the typical nomadic life. Foxie tags along, and the usual cat and mouse chase begins."

  • Art Gallery

    Episode 20

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka visit an art gallery to nurture their creativity. Bhukkad follows them inside and finds out that some of the paintings in the gallery are not so friendly."

  • Mission Mars

    Episode 21

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka have decided to go on a mission to Mars. Bhukkad manages to cling on to their rocket as they take off from Earth. A beautiful journey through space begins combined with the antics of Bhukkad and Eena, Meena, and Deeka."

  • Ski Chase

    Episode 22

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka play with snowballs in a snow-covered mountain when Foxie comes and spots them. They run and the chase begins! The chicks ski to save themselves, and every time Foxie traps them and is about to eat them, they manage to escape."

  • Hotel
    Episode 23


    Episode 23

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka buy their own hotel. An unlikely guest checks in, none other than Foxie, with his usual agenda of eating Eena, Meena, and Deeka. A chase ensues around the hotel rooms, corridors, and lobby with fountains, trollies, and escalators.

  • Coalmaal

    Episode 24

    Eena, Meena, and Deeka are barbecuing in their backyard when they run out of coal. They drive up to a coal mine to get some.