Expedition: Asia

Expedition: Asia

10 Episodes

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Starring : Ryan Pyle
Join Ryan Pyle as he takes his brand of high-powered adventure to Asia, exploring some of the greatest overland journeys that the region has to offer: Philippines, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Taiwan, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, India, and Hong Kong.

Expedition: Asia
  • Philippines: Mt. Apo

    Episode 1

    Ryan travels to the Philippines to climb its sacred volcano, Mt. Apo.

  • China: Badain Jaran Desert

    Episode 2

    Ryan travels for weeks through one of the most inhospitable places in the world, the Badain Jaran Desert, to learn how to survive in an extreme desert environment.

  • Indonesia: Bali

    Episode 3

    Ryan explores the Balinese jungle and villages on a long trip to Mt. Batur.

  • Mongolia: Khuiten Peak

    Episode 4

    Ryan ventures to the Altai Mountains and summits a snowy mountain on the border of Mongolia, China, and Russia.

  • Taiwan: The Holy Ridge

    Episode 5

    Ryan treks along Taiwan's central mountain landscape, The Holy Ridge.

  • Hong Kong: The MacLehose Trail

    Episode 6

    Ryan treks along Hong Kong's often forgotten MacLehose Trail to discover the area's amazing natural world.

  • Malaysia: Mt. Kinabalu

    Episode 7

    Ryan travels to Malaysia to climb the famous Mt. Kinabalu.

  • Kyrgyzstan: The Turkestan Circle

    Episode 8

    Ryan treks the incredible Turkestan Circle in Southern Kyrgyzstan.

  • Thailand: Northern Thailand Trail

    Episode 9

    Ryan travels from village to village through dense jungles and learns about life in the Thai wilderness.

  • India: Jagatsukh Peak

    Episode 10

    Ryan bears terrible winter weather on his trek deep into the Himalayan Mountains in an attempt to summit Jagatsukh Peak.