Film Fridays

  • Line Of Descent


    Mature | 108 Minutes.
    Starring : Abhey Deol, Ronit Roy, Brendan Fraser, Shamata Anchan, Ekavali Khanna, Prem Chopra, Neeraj Kabi.
    A classic crime narrative in the backdrop of Delhi merges a dysfunctional, mafia family at war with each other as an undercover officer fights his demons by assisting ...

  • Rickshaw Girl


    General | 102 Minutes.
    Starring : Siam Ahmed, Champa, Naresh Bhuiyan
    A daring Bangladeshi teenager attempts to help her struggling family by disguising herself as a boy and driving her father's prized rickshaw for much needed extra money. Based on the acclaimed novel by Mitali Perkins.

  • The Valley


    R | 94 Minutes
    Starring : Alyy Khan, Suchitra Pillai, Jake T Austin, Christa B. Allen.
    When affluent Silicon Valley entrepreneur Neal Kumar’s beautiful, sensitive daughter, Maya, tragically commits suicide during her freshman year of college, no one seems to know why. In his frantic quest to find...

  • The Playback Singer


    Mature | 90 Minutes
    Starring : Piyush Mishra, Navi Rawat, Ross Partridge, Joe Towne, Betsy Beutler
    Ray, an aimless, would-be jungle-gym architect and his grounded, lawyer wife Priya, find their lives disrupted – and their marriage upended – when Priya’s estranged father, Ashok, comes to visit th...

  • I Can't Think Straight


    Cpics Premiere 06/09/2023

    Mature | 82 Minutes.
    Starring : Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Antonia Frering
    A young woman engaged to be married finds her life changed forever when she meets
    her best friend's girlfriend.

  • Naanu Ladies


    Cpics Premiere 06/16/2023

    Mature | 97 Minutes.
    Starring : Shailaja Padindala, Medini Kelamane, Guru Somasundaram.
    Naanu Ladies revolves around two women who fall in love and attempt to break away from a heteronormative culture, fighting the struggles of middle-class life.

  • Friends in Law


    Cpics Premiere 06/23/2023

    Mature | 85 Minutes
    Starring : Shreedevi Chowdary, Ashlin Harris, Amiran Winter
    An orthodox south Indian woman winds up in Bangkok and unexpectedly spends ten days with her gay son's partner; along the way, she has an enlightening journey towards self-realization

  • 5 Weddings


    Cpics Premiere 06/30/2023

    General | 90 Minutes.
    Starring : Nargis Fakhri, Rajkummar Rao, Bo Derek, Candy Clark
    A journalist writing a story on Punjabi weddings falls in love with her liaison officer who is trying to keep her story censored amidst a colorful mosaic of transgender dancers and cult...

  • Tie the Knot


    Cpics Premiere 07/07/2023

    Mature | 92 Minutes
    Starring: Tara Reid, Karishma Ahluwalia, Parvesh Cheena, Mona Sishodia.
    When a modern American woman takes an impromptu journey to Mumbai to get away from her overbearing mother, she befriends an Indian woman striving to balance her family’s culture ...



    Cpics Premiere 07/14/2023

    Mature | 80 Minutes.
    Starring : Raqesh Bapat, Nisha Aalia, Michael Andrew Roy.
    No one existed for Sanam and Shinara. They were unaware of impending events to be unfolded at a high speed. They were engrossed in weaving their own path, breathing for each other ,walking to...

  • Barun Rai and the House on the Cliff


    Cpics Premiere 07/21/2023

    Mature | 118 Minutes
    Starring: Priyanshu Chatterjee, Nyra Banerjee, Sid Makkar,
    Newly - weds Soumili and Harmesh Banerjee have just moved into their dream home and life should be perfect. But their love is being tested by unexplained incidents. Enter Barun Rai, As his ...

  • Enemy Within


    Cpics Premiere 07/28/2023

    Mature | 109 Minutes.
    Starring : Beulah Koale, Joseph Naufahu, Kazuma Sano
    When a Japanese fighter pilot crash-lands on the tiny remote Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau, he is met with courtesy and traditional Hawaiian hospitality from the locals.

  • Amidst My Own


    Cpics Premiere 08/04/2023

    Mature | 77 Minutes.
    Starring : Shekhar Rahate, Amy Hamill, Martin Harris, Mina Palacios - Goldberg, Kelley Poling, Maria Syngrou.
    Based in Los Angeles, Amidst My Own is a story of an Indian chauffeur struggling through midlife crisis. Being an unmarried man at the age ...