The Gems of Ruby Hill

The Gems of Ruby Hill

6 Episodes

Cast : Anoop Judge, Rani Dhillon, Anjali Jhangani, Sudha Chinta, Kaleem Ali Qureshi.
Watch Out Housewives, here come The Gems of Ruby Hill!
If Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, then Gems are the real BFFs! Gems of Ruby Hill is a look behind the gates at the rich and powerful South Asians of Ruby Hill.
This group is bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style! They don’t wait for the world to change around them. They just simply go out and change the world to fit their needs.
They can be defiant, resilient, and tough, so don’t be fooled by their pretty and at times what may appear to be a sari-clad docile exteriors… remember…a Gem is a Gem…even when rough-cut!
In Gems of Ruby Hill, be prepared to witness drama, passion, empathy, music, dance, as these 5 friends live out their lives and share unforgettable moments with us. A fiery ruby, a deep sapphire, the regal emerald, to the wise pearl and sparkling diamond. They bring it all, real friendships and real issues.
Ge ready to be dazzled by Gems of Ruby Hill.

The Gems of Ruby Hill
  • S1E1: Welcome To Our Kingdom!

    Get to know the 5 friends that play, fight, live, and love together. The first sneak peak into their fabulous lives. Anoop, the litigator, has some exciting news to share, but we’ll have to see how the rest of the group reacts. Anjali and Rani have very different opinions on when and how their...

  • S1E2: Keep Your Opinion to Yourself

    Episode 2

    Kaleem helps Anoop with some style advice. Anjali has a mother/daughter chat with Samica about career and marriage. The group has mixed reviews at the book launch.

  • S1E3: Clear Conscience vs. Clear Skin

    All deal with post-book launch emotions. Rani hears some disturbing rumors about Kaleem. The Gems support friend Jessica at her skin-care line event.

  • S1E4: Drinks and Drama Definitely Mix

    Kaleem struggles to handle the drama with the group. The meeting at one of their favorite spots, PBO8, doesn’t go as expected.

  • S1E5: Let Me Whine with My Wine!

    Anoop comes up with a creative solution for some psychic healing for Kaleem and Rani. Kaleem deals with the elephant in the room at pain night at Pinot’s Palette.