Lost & Found, NY

Lost & Found, NY

5 Episodes

Starring: Vanina Kondova, Goncalo Ruivo, Daria Zara Kondova, Katie Honaker, Meridith Jones, Milee Bang, Natasha Hakata, Duane Cooper, Michael Thomas Tyler, Sharon Matteson, Greg Kotis, Amie Cazel, Lianna Nielsen, Isabelle Melody Barbier, Vivienne Golde, Pamela Kahl, Sohailla Mahjour, Cynthia Silver, Alamira Babay, Diliana Ilieva, Kaloyan Krastev, Susan Finch, Amy V Morse, Michael R Piazza, Alan Ware, Emily Evans, Samantha Slater, Jiayi Wang, Amaurys Rodriguez, Derrick Chapman, Mark Ryan Anderson, Suzanne Schwing, Aneliya Dobreva, Demetrios Tsinopoulos, Delphine Giney, Danish Malik, Marco Cinqugrana.

An original series about an immigrant actress navigating through life in New York. Recipient of two Best Web Series awards and selected by over 15 international film festivals. Filmed in New York and Sofia by an international cast and crew.

Lost & Found, NY
  • Balance

    Episode 1

    The Pilot Episode takes us through a hot summer day in New York City, where an immigrant actress is looking for ways to balance a dream job and a day job.

  • Confidence

    Episode 2

    Another day job and another audition, while coping with someone's unexpected prejudice

  • Comfort

    Episode 3

    As if the accent is not a big enough of a challenge for an immigrant actress, now the age question comes into play.

  • Voice

    Episode 4

    An immigrant actress in New York goes through a speech lesson, a nerve wracking audition and an unexpected opportunity to point out the obvious

  • Dream

    Episode 5

    When an immigrant actress in New York finally lands a theater job and it turns out surreal.