3 Episodes

Mature |
Starring : Anna Leong Brophy, Katie Sheridan, Georgina Patrick, Jay Oliver Yip, Hamza Siddiique, Ashley Bates, Chris Lawrence.
A British comedy about Ray Summers: a regular guy who just happens to be the superhero NightwatchMan. His priority is not so much to save the world but to beat his mate at FIFA and annoy his girlfriend.

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  • Nightwatchman And The Public Profile

    Episode 1

    As Ray comes to terms with being a superhero, he feels his girlfriend Dina isn't supporting him. His best mate, Terry, wants him to step up his public profile, but just when he's got everything under control he gets some shocking news.

  • Nightwatchman And The Copycat

    Episode 2

    Ray tracks down a copycat superhero who might be having an affair with Dina. Terry struggles to keep Gabby in the dark about NightwatchMan's secret identity, and a confusing encounter with Cavityman exposes Ray to an even greater threat.

  • Nightwatchman And The Evil Plot

    Episode 3