Panjabi Flix

  • Jumper


    General | 13 Minutes.
    Cast : Amitojdeep Basra, Sarbjit Sabbi, Balwinder Soni, Lovepreet Mohan, Vikramjeet Singh, Ashley Sharma, Jaggi Aujla.
    A tale of the struggle of a village boy, an athlete who is out to arrange good clothes for an award function. How he manages to do it on his own. It's his s...

  • Paune 9


    Mature | 99 Minutes.
    Cast | Dheeraj Kumar, Neha Pawar, Nitu Pandher, Pardeep Cheema, Pooja Brahmbhat, Jaggi Bhangu, Gurnavdeep Singh
    Rahman suffers from mental trauma which makes him a serial killer. Jaffar Ali begins his rule over the city and his son is obliged to start a human meat business. I...

  • Je Tere Naal Pyar Na Hunda


    General | 128 Minutes.
    Cast: Keerat Kaur, Navdeesh Arora, Navkiran Kaur Bhatthal, Ranjivan Singh, Vishal Saini, Ujjala Baboria , Ritesh Kumar Narula, Satinder Kaur, Parminder Singh, Bharat Sharma, Navi Bhangu, Molina Sodhi, Karanveer Khullar
    A happy family life of a loving husband, caring wife & ...

  • And They Occupied Me

    1 season

    Cast :Tapasi Rath, Ashok Tangri, Aman Dhaliwal, Anurag Mishra, Joe Martin, Julia Salazar, Surinder Dhanoa, Malkiat Singh Meet, Surinder Singh
    The Sikhs in Punjab started a peaceful movement for their rights and independence. In June 1984, the Indian military launched a massive attack to c...

  • Takhatgarh


    Mature | 138 Minutes.
    Cast : Dheeraj Kumar, Ashish Duggal, Pali Sandhu, Suvinder Vicky, lakhwinder, Paramveer Singh, Nitu Pandher
    Takhatgarh is an authentic story of a throne, started in 1891. This story revolves around blood, breed, rivalry & the throne itself.

  • Saanjh (Dusk)


    General | 105 Minutes.
    Starring : Aditi Charak, Vishal Parpagga, Rupeshwari Sharma, Asif Basra, Taranjit Kaur.
    When Saanjh’s father sends her away to live with her grandmother in a remote village, she feels dejected and tries to escape. However with time as her bond with her grandmother becomes s...

  • Pinds Of Punjab


    Mature | 14 Minutes.
    Starring: Hashneen Chauhan, Shivam Kamboj, Aks Mehraj, Gagan Arora
    A traveling man and woman get caught up in a vicious circle of violence.

  • Destination Paradise


    General | 20 Minutes.
    Starring : Vansh Luthra, Arndt-Schwering Sohnrey, Hynek Cermak
    An illegal Indian immigrant, on his way to his paradisiacal destination: ‘London’, finds himself stuck on a farm in the Czech countryside. He builds an unlikely friendship with his caretaker, who himself is a Ukr...

  • Eleven Days


    Mature | 93 Minutes
    Cast: Jit Singh, Sandra Hunter, Ron Arthurs.
    AJIT SINGH 12, blends in happily in to his new home in the middle of Australia. However, his brother RAJVEER 20, finds it unbearable to be constantly labelled a
    terrorist due to his beard and turban that he keeps faithfully accordin...

  • Guru Nanak: The Founder of Sikhism - Life & Legacy


    General | 86 Minutes.
    Starring : Akbar Ahmed, Reverend John Bryson Chane, Mark Juergensmeyer.
    This documentary interweaves the story of Guru Nanak’s life with a look at how his spiritual legacy continues to influence prominent American Sikh men and women.