Scratch and Sniff

Scratch and Sniff

5 Episodes

Cast : Jeff Haas, Jami Cullen.
In this animated comedy, Jeff tries to keep Scratch and Sniff (his cat and dog) under control but finds he's usually just along for the ride. Comedic chaos and mayhem ensue in their never-ending battle for household dominance.

Scratch and Sniff
  • Gold Diggers

    Episode 1

    Scratch and Sniff find a treasure map and begin searching the property for gold coins. Jennifer takes control of the household.

  • Attitude Adjustment.

    Episode 2

    Sniff refuses to stop roaming the neighborhood and is fitted with a shock collar.

  • Creature From the Beach

    Episode 3

    Scratch and Sniff convince Jennifer to be in their horror movie.

  • Wonder Dog

    Episode 4

    After rescuing a kitten, Sniff decides to become a full time superhero. Jeff bakes cookies for Jennifer.

  • Holiday Road Trip

    Episode 5

    Due to a lava lamp fire, Scratch, Sniff, and Jeff travel to Connecticut with Jennifer for the holidays.