Set Sail for a Funny Tale

Set Sail for a Funny Tale

7 Episodes

Cast : Savy Des-Etages, Christopher Romance, Christopher Romance, Richard Browning, Maritza Rodriguez
A new animated series is packed with adventure and excitement! Captivating kids’ imaginations on an unforgettable journey. Created with child psychology in mind, ideal for parents seeking educational entertainment for their children.

Set Sail for a Funny Tale
  • Sticky Underneath

    Episode 1

    Captain Silverhoof’s ship arrives at a stray ship. Is it a ghost ship? Basil Stemble, with the help of Princess Sophie, discovers an incredible secret about this ship.

  • Pleasure Island

    Episode 2

    The Queen has commissioned the two captains of Green Stall Island to find a valuable gift for her guest. Captain Silver Hoof procures a treasure with pirate methods, and Captain Stumble discovers Pleasure Island. But something strange happens.

  • Miss-Taken

    Episode 3

    A 300-year-old dragon has come of age and wants to steal the queen to prove to his father that he is a strong dragon. But can the captains of Green Stall save anyone from the dragon?"

  • A Home for Genie

    Episode 4

    Genie wants to prove to her lover that she loves him. He steals Captain Silver Hoof to sing for her. But many adventures are waiting for them on Genie Island.

  • The Good Hit

    Episode 5

    A blow to the head can be excruciating. But that day, a good hit managed to turn everything around.

  • The Mysterious Ring of Aquantis

    Episode 6

    According to legends, all world affairs depend on the mysterious ring of Aquantis. Sophie decides to discover that ring. But can they save the world?

  • A News Bottle

    Episode 7

    Poor Biogenes inherit a valuable island. What valuable thing is hidden on that island?