6 Episodes

Starring : Indra, Bhaskar Banerjee, Sonia Saha, Shib, Piyali Roy, Mrinmoy Dhawan, Shouvonik Ganguly, Sonia Banerjee.
Soch is a crime series about the Secret Agency Bureau of India evolving around an alcoholic officer Vishal, who was suspended due to certain personal problems. A series of crimes occur in town which forces the Agency to bring back Agent Vishal.

  • Part One

    Episode 1

    A series of crimes starts occuring in town, which leads to a number of investigations carried on by Secret Agency Bureau of India

  • Part Two

    Episode 2

    Amidst the murders & investigation processes, a NRI boy returns to India to attend his school life friend's wedding anniversary. The anniversary turns out to be mysterious.

  • Part Three

    Episode 3

    The NRI boys goes missing. On investigating further, more dangers reveal ahead.

  • Part Four

    Episode 4

    On investigating a godown, the SABI team finds out a mysterious numerical clue.

  • Part Five

    Episode 5

    The SABI team finds out who the murderer is, and thus, starts searching the entire forest.

  • Part Six

    Episode 6

    The climax