Tales From Black Manor

Tales From Black Manor

3 Episodes

Embrace the darkness as generations collide with Death in Tales from Black Manor: A haunting anthology series where the 7 Books of Death hold the key to a family's chilling legacy.

Tales From Black Manor
  • S1E1 Legend Has It

    Episode 1

    When “little” Ivy Black goes looking for Death, she finds him. She then learns the secret of how to trade one life for another.

  • S1E2 The Book Of Death

    Episode 2

    As we return to the world of Black Manor in the second episode, we learn that Grandma was friends with Death, hunting together in the Tanglewood behind Black Manor. To show his affection, he gave her a book: One of the Seven Books of Death.

  • S1E3 How To Live Forever

    Episode 3

    In the final episode of Tales from Black Manor Series 1, when Anastasia Black finds out she’s dying, she uses the secret of immortality found in her grandmother’s Book of Death. To live forever you have to kill something you love.