The Negotiators

The Negotiators

4 Episodes

Cast : Leslie Edwards, McGill Alexander, Clive Small, Preecha Thimamontri.
Meet some of the exceptional men and women who have been involved in life-and-death negotiations, and discover what it takes to navigate a crisis.

The Negotiators
  • Pirate Hijack

    Episode 1

    Meet the pro-bono team of hostage negotiators who were given the near-impossible task of negotiating the release of twenty-nine fisherman from Somali pirates.

  • Taipei Hostage Crisis

    Episode 2

    Meet the exceptional group tasked with negotiating the release of a South African diplomat's family being held hostage at gunpoint by Taiwan’s most-wanted criminal.

  • Sydney Siege

    Episode 3

    Meet the police team tasked with negotiating the release of twenty-seven people taken hostage in a welfare office by an armed couple who want their baby back.

  • Embassy under Siege

    Episode 4

    Meet the Thai negotiators who must stop the armed rebels who have seized eighty-nine people in the Myanmar embassy in Bangkok from killing hostages every half an hour.