The Parables Retold

The Parables Retold

5 Episodes

Starring :Amelia Stevenson, Sule Rimi, Melissa Dean, Charithra Chandran, Shavani Cameron, Louis Hall, Isabella Inchbald, Yannick Budd, Ingrid Evans, Femi Houghton, Raymond Bethley, Paco Barbudo, Grace Hendy, Burtie Welland, Maryanne Jones, Alexander McMorran, Marucia Ferreira, Joshua Okusanya, Kyrelle Lammy, Freddie Buck, William Frazer, Pippa Beckwith, Anca Vaida, Richard Bobb-Semple, Luke Dayhill, Clare Odia, Fenia Gianni, Sherelle Johnson, Taj-Levi Matthews, Taryn Kay.
A series of short films based on some of Jesus’ most famous parables. This series brings these stories, which have chimed with people for generations, to life by adapting them to the screen and into the present day.

The Parables Retold
  • The Sower

    Episode 1

    Four strangers find a mysterious gift left on each of their doorsteps one morning and are confronted by a Mysterious Man who wants to take the gift away.

  • The Rich Fool

    Episode 2

    Lacey dreams of a better life as she struggles for work in her tight-knit community when one day all her wishes seem to come true.

  • The Hidden Treasure

    Episode 3

    When a father tells his family he has found something in a neighboring field, they weigh up the cost of selling everything to gain this mysterious treasure.

  • The Talents

    Episode 4

    Three pianists try to make a way for themselves when their Maestro sends them out into the world with one final lesson.

  • The Good Samaritan

    Episode 5

    When a white supremacist is beaten and left for dead, his only hope lies in the most unexpected of persons.