The Sunny Side of Ngongotaha

The Sunny Side of Ngongotaha

6 Episodes

Starring: Reneel Singh, Rajneel Naickar
Rav is desperate to avoid the prospects of an arranged marriage, so he enlists the help of his crazy cousin Ron to find a girlfriend in their hometown of Ngongotaha!

The Sunny Side of Ngongotaha
  • In Da Club

    Episode 1

    To put and end to a potential arranged marriage Rav and his crazy cousin Ron, scheme up an idea to get him a girlfriend in their hometown of Ngongotaha. The first step is to hit the clubs! What's the worst that could happen?

  • You Are We

    Episode 2

    While working in the family business, Rav and Ron experience bizarre encounters with locals. A tense standoff and near beating from a disgruntled local makes Rav and Ron reflect on love, life, and their place in the sunny side of Ngongotaha

  • She's Not The One

    Episode 3

    Rav reluctantly agrees to a blind date arranged by his Mum, with the sexy Priya. Rav denies Ron’s offer to be a wingman, but the date takes an unexpected turn.

  • Kutia Road

    Episode 4

    Rav and Ron are sent on an errand to drop lemons to a family friend. Sparks fly when Rav meets the mysterious Ruhi.

  • She's The One.

    Episode 5

    Rav and Ruhi’s relationship blooms. While Ron grows increasingly jealous and suspicious of Ruhi. A rift forms between Rav and Ron, and tension builds between the two best cousins.

  • Shaadi

    Episode 6

    Rav and Ruhi’s engagement party announcement comes as a surprise to everyone. As the party preparation is well underway, Ruhi makes a desperate plea with Rav. Ron’s suspicions about Ruhi grows.