Tik Tak Tail

Tik Tak Tail

185 Episodes

Starring : Tik, Tak, Tail.
This fun-filled, action-packed series follows three crazy characters and their everyday adventures! This volume contains all of the episodes in the series.

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Tik Tak Tail
  • Carrot Farm

    Tik is watering his carrot farm when suddenly Tak comes out of nowhere and attacks him! In this chaos, the entire carrot farm is destroyed.

  • Rondu Rockstar

    Tik wants to be a rockstar. He is imagining himself playing guitar and drums like a one-man-band. He has gathered all his audience and he is about to jump in the audience like a rockstar. But then Tak and Tail enter there and everyone vanishes except Tik.

  • Jolly Ka Jhamela

    Jolly the elephant is shifting his stuff from his old house to the new one. Tik is helping him. But Tak attacks and the moving truck goes off the cliff. What happens to Jolly’s stuff and Tik?

  • Stripe Ho Gaye Gul

    Tak often attacks Tik using the stripes on his body by turning them into a bow, arrow, lasso, and other objects. One day when Tak is unconscious, Tik instigates Tail as Tail pulls out stripes from Tak’s body and attacks Tik.

  • Khodna Mana Hain

    Tik’s easiest route to escape Tak is to dig a burrow and go underground at the last moment. Tak is often left empty-handed thanks to Tik’s digging expertise. Tak one day lays metal sheets on all streets of the town so that Tik cannot dig in or dig out.

  • Tik KI Chaal Tail on Hartaal

    One day Tak and Tail have a huge fight. Tak believes it to be another regular fight between them but this time it’s bigger than he had perceived.

  • Choo Mantar

    Tak finds a magic wand in the jungle and uses it on himself. He looks in the pond and is unable to see his reflection. That’s when he realizes that he has become invisible!"

  • Tik Ki Tikki

    While escaping from Tak, Tik ends up entering a rock concert where a female rabbit Tikki is performing. Tik saves Tikki from a chandelier falling right over her head and Tikki instantly falls in love with Tik

  • Baby Tak Ka Attack

    Episode 9

    Tak is sleeping under a coconut tree and while the vegetarian Tail is fiddling with a coconut, it falls on Tak’s head. Tak wakes up only to realize that he has lost his memory!

  • Ghaas Khaaye Tak

    When Tak ends up eating chilies and is in a bad state, Tik disguises himself as a doctor and checks Tak. He pretends to pull out a piece of bone from Tak’s throat and asks Tak to not eat anything non-vegetarian from now onwards else he will choke and die.

  • Seedhe Circus Se

    While escaping from Tak, Tik ends up landing inside a circus ring. Tak also makes an entry into the ring. The audience now thinks all this is part of the circus act and applauds.

  • Orange Island Ka Raaz

    When Tak is not able to get his hands on Tik despite multiple attempts, he gets angry and destroys his entire carrot farm. Tik is very disappointed that he is left with no carrots.

  • Mission Safaayi

    Tik looks around his dirty city and decides to clean it up. Many animals help him in his cleaning drive, from his neighbor Jolly the elephant to others like monkeys, rhinos, and hippos.

  • Rang Mein Bhang

    Tik is refurbishing his farmhouse. He wants to give a multicolored texture to his house and starts painting different colors on each wall.

  • Hero Ya Zero

    Tik watches a film and decides to audition for a different movie! Tak decides to follow while Tik tries on different disguises.

  • Rock Concert

    Tik is preparing for his rock concert, however, Tak and Tail have other plans. After an initial chase, Tak and Tail decide to ruin Tik’s concert by changing his instruments, etc.

  • Pool Problem

    Tak and Tail go swimming in their swimming pool. However, as Tak takes a dive Tail realizes that it is full of algae and green stuff and pulls himself in midair and ties himself to a beach umbrella.

  • Barfila Suffer

    Tik is all set for a trip to the snow world when Tak comes and tears up his ticket. Tik uses the help of Jolly the elephant who launches him through his trunk straight towards the snow world. Tak also reaches the snow world in search of Tik.

  • Shor Machaye

    Tik, Tak, and Tail are sleeping in the middle of the night when they all wake up due to loud music playing. They look out and see that it is a new bratty arrogant neighbor who is playing it.

  • Datooni Dhamaal

    ik’s tooth is painful. Tak takes out his tooth, wears glasses and an apron, and becomes a dentist.