Under Cover Comic

Under Cover Comic

6 Episodes

Starring : Adam Mamawala, Joan Glackin, Elon Gold, Randall Otis, Wendell Laurent.
Stuck in a dead end job writing ads and doing comedy at open mics, Adam, a Brooklyn father of two, is torn when both he and his wife Zoey get their dream job in Los Angeles and Italy... at the exact same time.

Under Cover Comic
  • This is Your Family Now

    Episode 1

    Adam has a close brush with death. Reeling in bed next to his sleeping wife, Zoey, he decides to steal away to an open-mic, hoping to have his voice heard before it's gone.

  • Dreamcrusher

    Episode 2

    oey confronts Adam for disappearing in the middle of the night. Adam meets a goofball dad who ropes him into the dad night tradition. Zoey meets her idol, baker David Friedman, inspiring her own pursuit of dreams.

  • Dad Night

    Episode 3

    Adam attends a wild dadchelor party. Zoey makes unlikely friends with her neighbor.

  • Shay Sparks

    Episode 4

    Adam and Zoey are out of sync. Adam tries to renew their love by resetting Zoey's engagement ring for their anniversary, but they both get distracted by break-through professional opportunities.

  • Junk Drawer

    Episode 5

    Adam is fed up at his day job, and missing more time with his family to do stand-up. Zoey gets a dream opportunity with David Friedman in Italy, but her frustration with Adam overshadows it.

  • We Need to Talk

    Episode 6

    Zoey’s engagement ring gets stuck, and Adam steps up. As they reconnect, they’re faced with an unexpected dilemma that would separate their family.