Yes & Yoga

Yes & Yoga

9 Episodes

Starring : David Ahearn, Adi Bachan
Yes & Yoga is a mindfulness talk show that combines the improvisational comedy technique ""Yes, And"" with ancient Kundalini yoga techniques and meditation. Each episode features thought leaders from all areas of health, nutrition, and holistic medicine.

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Yes & Yoga
  • The Basics : Part One

    Episode 1

    Welcome to the transformative world of Kundalini Yoga! Part One discusses the foundations and basics for a successful practice. Prepare to transform your world and the world around you with the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga.

  • The Basics : Part Two

    Episode 2

    David and Adi introduce you to the world of Kundalini Yoga! Part Two of the basics series further explores the foundations of a Kundalini Yoga practice. Prepare to transform your world and the world around you with the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga.

  • Balancing Your Energy Centers

    Episode 3

    Join David and Adi as they chat on how using the improv philosophy ""Yes, And,"" can transform your life. In the second half, practice ""Balancing Your Energy Centers"", a simple and effective Kriya to open and balance the energy centers in the body.

  • Memory Care : A Daily Brain Game

    Episode 4

    Dr. Rene Powell speaks about the revolutionary way Kundalini Yoga is being used to offset Alzheimer's Disease and other ailments. Conclude the episode with the Kriya being used around the world to do so.

  • Increasing Your Vitality

    Episode 5

    David and Adi and are joined by chiropractor, Bethany Roggendorf, as they delve into the importance of spine health. Then, explore a basic spinal series to increase vitality.

  • Power Up Your Digestion

    Episode 6

    Nutritionist, Dustin Strong, grabs a bolster to sit down and talk with David and Adi about digestion and how it affects our overall health. Following the talk, power up on digestion with a Kriya designed to maximize the digestive process.

  • Radiate From Your Heart

    Episode 7

    Comedian, Oliver Tull, takes us through his extraordinary weight loss journey through the one meal a day (OMAD) system. ""Nothing succeeds like success!"" After, practice with Adi & David to open the heart center.

  • Expand Your Creativity

    Episode 8

    Anesthesiologist, Dr. Rene Powell, joins David and Adi to discuss the challenges of having a full-time career and raising young children. In the second half, Adi leads the practice with the Supreme Kriya designed to expand your creativity.

  • The Power Of Breathing

    Episode 9

    Nutritionist, Dustin Strong, shares his secrets of being more present and in the moment when we eat which directly leads to better health. Then, David and Adi conclude Season One with the Power of Breathing.